Kealakekua Bay

My unexpected and wonderful first swim with wild spinner dolphins and a green sea turtle. An unforgettable experience to see them racing each other and jumping out of the water just for fun.

We got up early to get to the beach before the dolphins would leave the bay. Once there i could already see their dorsal fins and some of them jumping out of the water. So there was no time to waste, we got our snorkels and got in the water.

We spoke to some locals before and after our swim that told us, that as long as we wouldn’t touch them and let them their space there wouldn’t be a problem to get in the water with them. We did that and were surprised that they seemed very trusting. There were maybe twenty to thirty other people in the water and the dolphins came up really close by themselves.

As soon as i got closer and my head under the water I could hear them communicating with each other. They raced each other, played with floating leaves and put on little shows for us. But especially one of them caught my eye. It jumped out of the water before swimming straight towards me, spun right in front of me before he jumped out of the water again, made some distance and came back at me. So close that I could almost touch him.

A little bit aside swam a green sea turtle. Just like the dolphins it let me get really close. With about 70 – 80 cm I don’t think it was a big or old one, but for me it was just fascinating. Being able to get so close to animals I’ve only seen on the screen or behind thick glass at the aquarium.

We swam around 2 hours with them, and I have to say that it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I will definitely try to swim with them again the next time I get a chance.

Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle
Kealakekua Bay
This one put on quite a show for me
Kealakekua Bay
Dolphins racing each other



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