White Road Trail 

It all began with a drive to the northern part of the Big Island. We parked on the side of the road and (psst) had to jump a couple of fences.

We got into the forest where the actual trail started. Except for a couple of people, who were on their way back, we were the only ones. The path was right next to the canal that led the water downhill to a lake where it’s collected. After some time we took a right turn and had to walk across a bridge with a pipeline on our left.

We lost track of time while hiking, but the path got worse the further we got. At one point we had an amazing view over the mountain range with a couple of waterfalls in the distance. After that the path was closed, means trespassing at our own risk. It didn’t look that bad from the beginning but after about 10 minutes there was no path left. We week hiking through mud with the mountain in one side and the abyss on the other. Surrounded by a cloud we could only see 20m ahead.

Another obstacle crossed our way. A big water pipe connected two mountains with an abyss about 30m underneath it. Don’t get me wrong there was another way around the pipe along the mountain, but where’s the adventure if you always stay on the safe way? My shoes were as slippery as it could be after walking through 30cm deep mudder. I slipped a lot but there were enough plants to hold on to. This was actually my favorite part about the whole way and after I made it halfway I needed a stop for some pictures. After the pipe it felt like hours and it probably took about half an hour until we heard the water slide and a couple more minutes until we managed to get down to it.

A pool of shallow ice-cold water welcomed us. Behind it, another pool that was way deeper. And next to it the water slide. An old rope hung by the side to hold on while you (try to) go up. The water ran down so fast that it made it hard to actually step forward. At the top it turned into a tunnel, but we didn’t explore that part. The surface is rough so don’t bring your best swimwear or at least have a ring or something with you. Because of the speed of the water you get down pretty fast and hit the surface a bit harder than you might expect but it’s alright.

It was amazing and totally worth the long and wet hike. As always the way back goes by faster anyway. I totally recommend it for everyone who loves a little adventure.

White Road Trail
A pipeline across the abyss
White Road Trail
An amazing view along the way
White Road Trail
The “waterfall” at the end of the trail

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