South Point

Driving south from Kailua-Kona on the Mamalahoa HWY for about 2 hours takes you to one of my favorite places on the Big Island. The South Point. It’s geographical the most southern point of the USA and an amazing spot for cliff diving or snorkeling.

From Kona we drove south until a Road called the South Point Road came up on our right. We took the turn and followed it all the way until the road ended. This is where we parked the car and could already see warning signs but also other people sitting on the edge fishing  or just watching. It was really windy but still not cold. As we got closer to the cliff the sound of the waves crashing got louder and I got more and more excited by ever step I took. I have never jumped off a cliff before, not even anything similar.

Before we got all the way across the stones we saw the hole. It was about 10m deep and 15m wide. At the bottom the waves were crashing into the walls. Some stones which were like steps allowed me to climb down a bit, but even from there I would have been too scared to jump. It want too high for me but because of the strength of the waves, who ever wanted to jump, had to watch them coming in and out to make sure to jump in the right moment. Otherwise the waves would throw you against the stones and could cause serious injuries.

So I went closer to the cliff and it was high! Even though it were only  about 10m, as soon as I looked down it felt like 20m. The water was blue and so clear that I could see the rocks on the ground. And as I saw the ladder that got hung up to get back out of the water I was really thinking twice whether to jump or not. But after some time of thinking I pulled myself together and went for the jump.

It felt like the fall was over in split seconds and as I hit the water it was cool but refreshing. From the water I could see that the cliff itself was hollow underneath. I knew that there was some kind of connection between the hole and the open sea but I didn’t expect it to be so huge. It was like a hall with high ceilings and awesome echo. From where I hit the water I could see the light that came trough the hole and lit up the small area at the end. There were small caves that you could swim into but I would’ve needed some diving gear. The water itself was so clear and full of fish at the bottom, but it was too deep to dive all the way down. Less calming was the wooden ladder that I saw at the bottom too.

The way up was harder than I thought. The ladder moves with the waves and the rungs were further apart than I was used to. Plus it is a long way up. 10m may not seem difficult, but if you’re climbing up a moving ladder that, as soon as you get to the upper part, seems like it will smash your fingers, you’ll know what I mean. But all in one this was one of my favorite places! We came here several times during our stay and it was always awesome!

South Point Big Island Hawaii USA
The ladder out of the water
South Point
The jumping hole

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